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Meet the Team

Seth Oren

General Manager / Agronomist

Seth has been involved in many different types of agricultural throughout his career. He has an acute interest in sustainable solutions to basic agronomic practices by utilizing new ideas and technology.

Seth 's Goal

I want to contribute to new solutions for producers to become more efficient in production, making better management decisions, and maximizing their yields.

Rob Nupp

General Counsel

Rob is an experienced intellectual property attorney and general counsel and has served as both outside and in-house counsel to startups and Fortune 500 companies.  Rob earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at Northwestern University and his law degree at the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

Rob's Goal

To help Crop Search reach its potential of helping small, mid and large-market growers and producers maximize their yields.

Ryan Stilen

Agronomist FL

Ryan is from Janesville, Wisconsin. He is a recent graduate of Blackhawk Technical College, with an Associate degree in Agribusiness/Science and Technology. This past summer, he was an exploring agriculture intern for Insight FS in Jefferson, WI. Prior to his internship with Insight FS, he worked for Agri-Pest Consulting, Inc. for two years. At Agri-Pest, he scouted vegetable crops in central WI and northern IL. During winter breaks, he also had the opportunity to travel with Agri-Pest to Florida for a month. In Florida, he was able to learn how to scout a variety of produce crops, including cole crops such as cabbage and broccoli. He is currently attending Colorado State University, studying Horticulture. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time outdoors fishing and hiking. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and is a big Green Bay Packers fan.

Ryan's Goal

I am very excited to continue learning about the produce industry and find ways that I can contribute to grower success. I’m also looking forward to all of the new opportunities ahead.

Catherine Thompson


Catherine has had a lot of experience in helping making businesses grow through her skill set. She has been involved with Crop-Search since its beginnings which has brought about a true passion for agriculture, and the many hard-working individuals it encompasses.

Branson Beasley

Agronomist / Pilot GA

Branson is a 5th generation farmer in Southern Georgia where he has found an interest in the utilization of technology in agriculture. He has a profound knowledge of efficiency through technology, while still remaining true to management concepts that have been found to be robust.

Branson's Goal

I want to be on the cutting edge of Ag-Technology to be able to see that all producers have access to tools that will make them better.

Tim Gross

Lead Agronomist Nationwide

Tim has been an agronomist for over 30 years in the vegetable and produce industry. He has always had a deep appreciation for the fine details of a perfect crop, which stems from growing up working on his cousins dairy farm. Tim has an infinite knowledge of determining crop issues, whether it be disease or insect related in most all crops nationwide.

Josh Kaufman


Josh has experience in both retail and research agriculture. He has a passion for finding the most efficient and profitable solutions for growers in order to maximize yields

Josh's Goal

My goal is to utilize technology and adaptive methods to help us provide better recommendations and answers for our growers that benefit them and help us feed the world.

Cory Wulf

Michigan/Ohio Sales Agronomist
Cory has a strong passion for helping farmers take their yield potential to the next step. With a strong agriculture background from growing up around the farm, he knows the importance and dedication that goes into farming and their livelihoods. With his crop knowledge and background, he works to make a strong impact on yield efficiency, and all around healthier crops.


Cory's Goal
My main goal is to assist farmers with the efficient technology services and knowledge we offer, in result to see proficient yield gain as well as trust and strong relationships.